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Sterlite Tech enables Tier 1 Operator in Partner Billing for Interconnect Business

Sterlite Tech enables Tier 1 Operator in Partner Billing for Interconnect Business

About the Operator

The Tier 1 Operator is a leading global telecommunications company with operations in 20 countries across Asia and Africa. Head quartered in New Delhi, India, the company ranks amongst the top 4 mobile service providers globally in terms of subscribers. The company's product offerings include 2G, 3G and 4G wireless services, mobile commerce, fixed line services, high speed DSL broadband, IPTV, DTH, enterprise services including national & international long distance services to carriers.

Current Challenges

The telecommunications world today thrives on partnerships. Small and medium scale operators who do not have their own SS7 network send their network traffic through the backbone provided by giant service providers.

The major concern for these CSP is to have a system that:

  • Enables them to efficiently regulate, measure and account the inter- network traffic used for various services from mobile and PSTN networks of other operators interconnected to the service providers network.
  • Since the business model is based on revenue sharing, the operator required an automated solution for generation of its partners/operators bills, generation of reports and management of the SS7 signaling business.
  • Moreover operator’s legacy system was query based and they required a next-gen error free reporting to save on time for report generation

Why they chose Sterlite

The operator selected Sterlite Tech as they required a robust & scalable billing system which has the capability to support national traffic and can be scaled up for future business requirements like international traffic. Sterlite Tech Interconnect Billing automated the whole system with no manual intervention needed.

Key Modules Offered

Sterlite Tech Billing system is used by the operator for rating and billing the usage of their SS7 network used by other operators. It regulates the traffic flow through the policies defined as per business rules in the system. It manages traffic in different bins, based on business rules configured in Mediation System. Sterlite Tech Rating allows defining differential rates based on the mobile operator and telecom circle. It helps segment customers into various categories as defined by service providers' business rules. Sterlite Tech usage based reports, help in preventing revenue leakage and gives overview of traffic flow.

Project Key Deliverables

Mapping Network & Charging Information with Partner Profile

The Operator partners with other service providers to share its SS7 network for their signaling traffic. Sterlite Tech provided a unique architecture to define its partners in the system on the basis of Origination Point Code (OPC). Rate card group is assigned to each partner for charging them on the basis of aggregated MSUs (Message Signal Unit) collected from server of the operator.

Scalable & Flexible

The mobile traffic is increasing at a rapid pace and so is the traffic on the SS7 system. Sterlite Tech system is scalable enough to support not just increasing traffic but also future business expansions

High Availability

Sterlite Tech system is supported with best industrial standard & secure database tool for redundancy. The database stack enabled the Operator to store data safely without any loss by automatically starting second server if the first has failed.

Complete Managed Service

Sterlite Tech is managing the operations of the system and providing customized reports and partners' bills to the Operator on regular basis and as per its requirement.

Sterlite Tech Solution


The Operator required a system to automate handling of millions of MSU/CDR traffic on SS7. Sterlite Tech provided a highly scalable mediation system which ensured that every single record generated in network element is collected, parsed, processed and distributed to the downstream system with 100% accuracy without any data loss.

Product management

The Operator has divided the whole traffic into two products – SCCP and SMS. Partners of the Operator are using its SS7 signaling network for these two products. Sterlite Tech automated the process of differentiating the traffic into different products for different operators and then assigning the rate card group accordingly.

Account Management

Sterlite Tech system provides, GUI based account creation system. Account related information is stored and individual accounts are further configured with domain details where package can be bind. There is also provision of individual account wise bill format configuration.


With Sterlite Tech, the data of all OPC is aggregated at a single place which is then automatically segregated according to operators. Sterlite Tech enabled automatic generation of invoices based on the agreement with individual customers, which was a manual process earlier.


Reports are a vital source of information to any organization. Sterlite Tech enabled the Operator to access customized reports to monitor business growth. It assisted in decision making and taking corrective actions based on facts and figures in reports. Bad MSU reports are instrumental in preventing revenue leakage or revenue loss for the Operator by providing them details of OPCs. Sterlite Tech provides a holistic view of the whole system which helps it to decide whether to go for differential charging, decide various rate cards. Reports can be generated on daily basis, monthly basis, and at random as required by the Operator

Revenue Assurance

Sterlite Tech ensured revenue assurance for the Operator the number of Bad MSUs has considerably reduced with a proportionate increase in good MSUs. The Operator is able to reclaim the lost revenues due to proper entries of OPC using operator wise PID Count for Bad MSU report. Also, by precisely accounting for each & every MSU Sterlite Tech prevented revenue leakage.

Benefit to Operator

  • O&M system saves 8-10 days of work for different teams
  • Customized reports are generated for better decision making
  • Bills are generated for different circles and for different operators separately
  • Billing time is reduced considerably
  • GUI Based Mediation Configuration System