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Right Perspective is Everything

Right Perspective is Everything | Is your enterprise ready to transform into all-wireless enterprise network?

Not long ago when high altitude maps were not available, maps were not so accurate. The distance and mapping between the cities was done based on the geography and distance. The right perspective of high altitude photography gave cartographers the revolutionized way of showcasing the scaled up maps which has completely changed the way today our civilization travels.

In the similar way, broadband communication networks in it were a revolutionary phase which transformed the way people use to communicate. Within few years of launch of broadband networks, several wireless networks were deployed in the enterprise segment enabling staffs and guest users to freely access internet within office premises using laptops. Increasing trend of mobility and launch of advanced smart devices, the expectation from wireless network has increased a lot. Accessing wireless internet within premises feels similarly like connected to a corner in the broadband network. Users need freedom to access wireless network across different cities, regions and offices enabling them to be more agile and productive.

Looking at the evolving Wi-Fi standards and networks, the future looks brighter and promising. With the increasing expansion of business market, several enterprise networks have offices at different countries, regions and cities. Customers, partners and employees from one office travel to another office frequently for various business purposes. Traditional office Wi-Fi network is not only difficult to manage but also a burden to ensure security at each location. Enterprise of all types including universities, hospitals, hotels, shopping malls, restaurants, airports, manufacturers, and government agencies are looking for centralized wireless enterprise platform which can enable them to deploy and manage wireless internet access to their users from centralized location. Apart from the clear cut cost reduction incurred in location-wise wireless network, there are several other benefits which is offered by the centralized enterprise Wi-Fi platform. Before moving to the benefits of centralized enterprise Wi-Fi platform it is important to understand why your enterprise needs it.

So, basically why your enterprise needs a centralized enterprise Wi-Fi platform?

In a scenario where an enterprise with multiple offices across the country or internationally has thousands of employees spread across the globe. Apart from the employee staffs, there are several customers and partners visiting the office on regular basis for conferences, meetings and demonstrations. In such case, the traditional Wi-Fi setup has been designed to cater the basic needs of the local employees stationed at the branch. It has limited coverage and extension to LAN areas like meeting rooms, cafeteria, lobbies, access to intranet and internet. Guest visitors, customers, consultants, partners and even external branch employees have to go through cumbersome process of accessing internet from the in-premise Wi-Fi. In some cases, only one device is authenticated and allowed to be connected while if the customer or partner is carrying multiple devices like mobile and laptop, then it is not allowed. Most of the external employees and customers choose to access their mobile data instead of local Wi-Fi due to such cumbersome processes. The wireless network which was deployed for convenience becomes a dependency all of a sudden. In worst cases, if there is any kind of security breach then the enterprise network is at risk and any type of malicious activity can occur using the unmanaged network.

Now just imagine an all-wireless network which has a centralized enterprise Wi-Fi platform with:

  • Complete list of all the employees of various branch loaded in the same.
  • Platform has the capability to instantly generate users in the system based on simple email authorization from the local staff
  • Enables external staff to seamlessly authenticate and hop-in to wireless network at any of the branches across the world.
  • Employees can easily access intranet as well as internet without cumbersome authentication process
  • Staff, customers, guests visitors, consultants and partners can access multiple devices without with one time registration
  • Enterprise can enable their users with advanced and future ready services like Wi-Fi calling
  • Enterprise businesses can reduce their TCO by deploying centralized Wi-Fi platform instead of location-wise Wi-Fi networks
  • Complete track of location wise users’ usage is intelligently managed from the centralized system
  • Security and management of centralized wireless network much easier than location wise Wi-Fi networks
  • The performance and productivity of the employees automatically increases due to the freedom of agility and flexibility of anytime-anywhere Wi-Fi access
  • Seamless integration with the legacy business systems enables enterprises to most innovative services to employees and staff
  • Deploying in HA model, enterprises can also ensure uninterrupted connectivity to users
  • In-depth analysis of customer’s usage enables management team to analyze the customer trends, behaviours and choice of products/services.