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Feature-rich unified portal editor for seamless subscriber onboarding 

Feature-rich unified portal editor for seamless subscriber onboarding 

In a highly competitive marketplace with a rapidly changing technology landscape and intense price wars that prompt subscriber churn, Communication Service Providers (CSPs) are under pressure to innovate and keep up with customer demands.

To keep up with these changing customer demands, CSPs are making various infrastructure-based investments ranging from deploying broadband networks, GSM networks, public hotspots and reseller networks to help expand their service reach and provide quality services to existing subscribers as well as non-subscribers.

In addition to the launch of new service or network, various platforms are also launched simultaneously, making it difficult for CSPs to manage these multiple avenues. For instance, managing different portals for networks like broadband, GSM, enterprise, public Wi-Fi, Walk-In customers and resellers can become incredibly complex. Hence, it becomes imperative for CSPs to have a dynamic, scalable and unified portal as well as a seamless service management platform which enables them to simplify the on-boarding of customers to Wi-Fi networks and manage them with better Quality of Service (QoS).

Figure 1: Representative imagery of portals for various service networks

Targeted ad campaigns for increasing visibility

Sterlite Tech’s Unified Portal Editor Solution is a comprehensive Captive Portal designed to help businesses to convert portals into attractive web pages. The portal editor has been designed to automate the entire process of creating dynamic visuals and intuitive content with minimal manual intervention. Instead of creating a new web page whenever there is a change in messaging, the existing portals can be modified using the portal editor. With brilliant graphics and creative designs, operators can design targeted ad campaigns to gain brand visibility and credibility.

Key Highlights

  • Offers a wide range of ready-to-use login portal templates for pre-post login
  • User-friendly GUI with add, edit and manage options
  • Facilitates new portals to be added to the system with customizable content, graphics, font, design, etc.
  • Supports all types of images, HTML, videos, text, downloadable content, etc. on the portal
  • Simple configurations for single and multi-location network
  • Ability to manage automated portals for different groups of users like enterprise, public Wi-Fi, 3G/4G offload users, etc.
  • Centralized management with a different level of access rights for each POP or Zone managers
  • Create different types of portals based on locations, regions, user groups, etc.

With millions of users in a network, it becomes imperative to automate processes to manage multiple portals seamlessly. With Sterlite Tech’s Portal Editor Solution, service providers can swiftly roll out high-quality and accurate portals.