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24online wi-fi hotspot solution deployed at Lancaster University, Ghana

24online wi-fi hotspot solution deployed at Lancaster University, Ghana


Lancaster University, one of the top ten universities in UK has its first branch campus in Ghana, Africa allowing students across Africa to access its academic excellence in teaching and research.

Lancaster University, Ghana is approved by Ghana's National Accreditation Board and offers attractive range of undergraduate and postgraduate degree courses. Lancaster campus comprises of classrooms, library, sports centre, conference rooms, labs,and cafe.

Lancaster University wanted a solution that can capably perform bandwidth management, authenticate users before providing access to the network, and provides reports based on user logs and activities.


The university needed a Wi-Fi solution that can capably establish and manage wireless connectivity in all areas of the campus. The solution should manage and allocate bandwidth amongst users based on their requirements. It should have standard authentication process that allows only authenticated users to enter the college network and surf internet. The solution should be able to integrate university's ADS [Internal database server] to easily communicate and fetch student's data required for authentication.

Multiple ADS of the university was required to be integrated, that is, ADS of Ghana campus and UK campus, so as to eliminate the need of re-registering users. It should allow admin to create and manage different user types based on which different data packages can be allotted. It should all different bandwidth and data access rights to students, teachers, and staff based on the group type. Generate reports based on user's usage and bandwidth consumption helping university to easily manage entire user traffic and control the overall usage was also needed.


24online considered requirements of Lancaster University, Ghana and deployed a comprehensive wi-fi solution providing wireless connectivity in all areas of the campus.

User Management

24online's user management feature will help admin to manage all users and view connected users in the network instantly. It facilitates to add, update, delete, or search package details of the user and keep continuous track of complete user details like package details and bandwidth usage. Lancaster University can also control users individually by defining required policies for each user. Also, restrictions can be defined for group of users, i.e. restrictions on quota, security policy, and speed may vary for students and facultymembers.

Bandwidth Management

24online solution deployed offers flat and flexible billing feature to bill users by pulse-based rating. 24online's bandwidth management functionality allows defining minimum and maximum bandwidth to be allowed for each plan. Also, bandwidth restriction can be done after certain amount of data usage or after certain usage time period. Lancaster can implement bandwidth restriction based on user type and data usage in addition to quotas on individual or shared basis.

Authentication,Authorization,and Accounting [AAA]

24online offersweb-based authentication through client software and login via username and password. It provides authorization based on IP and MAC addresses and comprehensive accounting based on time, duration, and usage. 24online redirects unauthorized users to a web-based authentication page, delivering high ease of use.

Captive PortalCapabilities

All users' trying to access Lancaster's network have to pass through a determined authentication process and only on successful authentication they should be allowed to access internet. This will help to secure the network and to ensure elimination of malicious activities and threats. With 24online's captive portal technique, unauthenticated users will receive captive portal page before theycan surf internet. 24online's captive portal feature offers various options to create and configure pre-login captive portal web pages. Different login templates can be designed and various authentication parameters can be integrated required for different login pages.

Data Transfer Module

By data transfer module, defining the amount of quota to be allocated for each user or a package can be done. With this feature admin can set conditions and allot data limits by which the user remains in active state till the limit of data transfer exhausts. Once the defined limit is exhausted, the user will be automatically disconnected from the server. 24online also facilitates to degrade the bandwidth after specific quota is consumed by the user.

Multiple AD [Active Directory] Integration

24online solution is integrated with Lancaster University LDAP for smoothly communicating with their database server and fetch student's information and account details required for authenticating them. With this solution, multiple LDAP of Lancaster university are integrated that is LDAPGhana and of UK] to eliminate the need of recreating of complete user base in the 24online system.

Extensive Reporting

With the help of this module, reports in printable and graphical format can be obtained listing down the surfing details of each user. It also helps to ensure about network security and in case of any malicious activity occurrence it makes easy to evaluate by reviewing reports stored in the system.

Business Benefits

24online wi-fi solution deployed at Lancaster University benefits students, teachers, and staff to easily access wireless internet connection from anywhere in the campus on their mobile devices or laptops. With 24online solution, Lancaster University can get complete surfing details and user logs for each user making easier for them to keep a track on student's activities. With data transfer module, data usage to be allotted to users can be defined differently for students, teachers, staff, and college visitors.

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Mr. Janeesh Karammal,
Senior System Engineer of IT Department, Lancaster University, Ghana
Internet access at the university campus is mandatory for large universities like us. Most of the students, visitors, staff and guests access information on Wi-fi using their own devices. It was important for us to manage the network, allowaccess, accommodate large number of devices at the same time keep network congestion free and log usage reports. We found 24online suitable for all our requirements andwe are seeing positive results.